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Debuging a script that parses /proc/net/dev

A Intermittent Problem: I wrote a Perl script for Nagios that would figure out the bandwidth of an interface by parsing TX (transmit) and RX (receive) bytes from /proc/net/dev. The proc file system is a virtual file system that provides the ability to view various kernel statistics as well as modify some kernel parameters. MyContinue Reading

My Not-So-Shabby Screen and Gnome-Terminal Setup

Introduction For a system administrator it is important to have an efficient and comfortable interface to all your servers. GNU Screen is an excellent utility to be able to have a single terminal connected to multiple servers that won’t disappear when you close the window. I have a set up that allows me to spawnContinue Reading

A Perl API for TVRage – WebService::TVRage

The Module This new module I have written provides an object oriented interface to TVRage’s XML service which allows you to get episode and other information for television shows. It is written very similarly to my previous module, WebService::UPS, and also uses XML::Simple and Mouse. You can get the module from CPAN here. You canContinue Reading

A Line By Line Explanation of Selection Sort from Mastering Algorithms with Perl

Introduction: O’Reilly’s Mastering Algorithms with Perl is written for programmers who are already quite familiar with Perl. I thought it might help myself and maybe others to walk through the code for selection sort that is on Page 120 because the code isn’t the clearest Perl. My analysis is not meant to explain selection sortContinue Reading

Track UPS Packages with Perl – WebService::UPS

The Module: I have made a Perl object oriented module for tracking UPS shipments. To use this module you will need to get a developer key for the UPS online tools here. This module makes a XML request to the online tools, and then parses the response using XML::Simple. The module has methods to getContinue Reading