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SOPA: Balancing the Concerns of Industries

SOPA and Protect IP are a large concern for those of us who work in industries that are based on the Internet. It is important to really try to understand what is happening, what these laws are about, and why people are trying to pass it. As someone that is in part responsible for aContinue Reading

Creating a Histogram of TCP Window Sizes from a Packet Capture using Python

Although wireshark is a very useful tool there are some limitations that bother me: Wireshark Out of Memory errors can be frustrating Although advanced IO graphing provides a lot power it is still limited I have found that scapy and pylab can fill some of the gaps. Here is an example using the python interactiveContinue Reading

New Position and the Server Fault Blog

I have switched jobs and am now working for Stack Overflow. This is an exciting position for me as I have been following the two co-founders Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky for a while now. As part of my new job I will be writing articles on the Official Serverfault Blog and already wrote myContinue Reading

Cisco Lab: Router Redundancy with BGP and HSRP

Introduction: From what I have learned there are at least two typical scenarios for WAN level redundancy with BGP that you would use in a co-location environment. The first is when you get an AS from ARIN, and advertise your IP block to two different providers so you become an edge (aka border) router onContinue Reading

Quick Tip: Trick Not to Lock Yourself Out when Remotely Administering Cisco Routers

I remotely administer Cisco routers, which can be a bit stressful since I need make sure not lock my self out by do something like removing a NAT command, editing ACL, or screwing up a VPN tunnel. A Cisco support person pointed out to me that I can use the reload command to schedule reboots,Continue Reading