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pyGnomeFind: A GUI frontend to GNU Find

I have written a graphical front end to the GNU find utility called pyGnomeFind. It does not include all of the features of the actual command line utility but does cover most of the essentials. The current version is a testing/preview version. It was written using Python, pyGtk, and Glade. You can get a copy here, and at the bottom is the obligatory screen shot. Right now the code has a haphazard structure so I need to re factor it. Please do let me know if you see anything wrong with a generated find command. Lastly, on a Debian/Ubuntu system you might need to run ‘apt-get install python-gtk2 python-glade2′ to get it to work.

Update 1: Version 0.2, includes the ability to execute the command and display the results in a window, and also a reworking of the interface so sections (i.e time and size) are collapsible.

Update 2: Version 0.3, the user is now able to take parts of the command and group them for use with and/or logic. Next I will be looking into some possible interface reworking, the ability to have multiples of some of the options that currently lack it, and threading so a find command that is executed that takes a long time does not lock up the GUI.

Update 3: Version 0.3.5, Added multiples of many of the tests where there was only one. Also started to use the Glade 3 interface designer (was using 2).

pyGnomeFind version 0.1:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Kevin. This is really great! I’ve been looking for this exact type of tool. I’m not too lazy to learn the find command, but I find the man page for find to be a little to unwieldy for a newb like me to started learning it. To begin to get a grasp of it I needed something to interactively show me examples, which is exactly what pyGnomeFind does. Thank you so much!


    Jim Richards
    onetinsoldier @ #ubuntu
    on irc.freenode.net

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