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Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Typical Task in Linux System Administration, Part 1

System administration is often about seemingly mundane tasks, but each task can provide an interesting puzzle to solve and there are many ways to solve it. I want to share a typical task in depth. I don’t intend to present every step of the task, but I will examine some of the steps in detail.Continue Reading

Quick Tip: Thunderbird Email from the Command Line

Basics Thunderbird messages can be composed from the command line, and the syntax is pretty basic (field=’value’). For Example: admin@box:$ thunderbird –compose “to=’foo@bar.com,bar@foo.com’,subject=’nice tip’,attachment=’file:///home/admin/tip.txt’,body=’Check out this neat command line tip’” Caveats: Values don’t have to be in single quotes. However, if you have multiple values or characters that might be interpreted by Thunderbird, as actuallyContinue Reading