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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Batch Convert Multiple Bin/Cue files to Iso Files in Linux

I had a bunch of bin/cue disk image files that I needed to convert to .iso files, and the program bchunk didn’t seem to have any way to process multiple files that I could see. So I came up with a command that would do this for me, so if you need to do theContinue Reading

Combine David Allen’s Getting Things Done and The 3-Minute Memory Method to Learn New Material and Form New Habits

First, what the Three Minute Memory Method is: The Three Minute Memory Method is used to retain information that you have read, and it is a method that allows you to retain the information with as little effort as possible. It was originally published by Franklin Quest in the short book titled, Five Secrets toContinue Reading

Applying U.S. Government Classified Levels for Personal Use

People rely on computers more than ever and are using them to manage finances and sensitive information. Although many internet sites are implementing features to protect us, unless certain basic precautions (such as changing passwords and keeping our passwords updated) are adhered to, their efforts are greatly undermined. I am trying to come up withContinue Reading

How-To: Connect to a Cisco VPN with Ubuntu using Vpnc

I have seen a lot of posts out there about people having headaches connecting to Cisco VPNs using the Cisco VPN Client, mostly because they have trouble compiling it in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. I recommend using the open source alternative vpnc. Vpnc works with the following according to the previous link: Cisco VPN concentrator 3000Continue Reading

Mindmap of the Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Boot Process

In order to get a better grasp on the Ubuntu’s boot process, and the boot process of Linux in general, I have created a mind map of the process. Eventually I plan to trace the scripts run by the init sequence (Upstart) and gdm (Gnome Display Manager) log in process. Please do point out anyContinue Reading